Monday, July 27, 2009

The cow jumped over the moon!

This the Birthday cake I made for my son's first birthday. The cow jumped over the moon...hey diddle, diddle and all that stuff. I figured since he's only one, this will probably be the last year he doesn't have any kind of request, so I decided to do a cake I'd wanted to try for awhile. And it was quite fun! It's a simple white cake, with lemon pudding filling. It's so easy and tastes so, so good. I made two 13x9 cakes, and one half of the Wilton sports ball pan (isn't that a great pan?!) for the moon. All is covered with marshmallow fondant. The figures are sculpted from fondant as well. Using powdered food coloring and some cheap vodka, I painted the sky, the sun and the grass.

One hint when using pudding as a filling; DON'T forget to put it in the fridge. Like I did. Yech.

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