Monday, July 27, 2009

Threadcakes entry "The Drummer"

"I had a hard time picking a design, there are so many amazing and funny ones. But not only did the raccoon make me laugh, it took me back to my childhood when we'd feed raccoons on our deck. And while I never actually saw them drumming(or strumming, for that matter), I suspect, that deep down, they all wanted to be rock stars.

I started with the raccoon, sculpting him out of fondant. I gave him pink eyes, like the illustration, but then my two year old daughter wanted to know why he had ladybugs in his eyes. So, perhaps I should have stuck with a more common mammal eye color, but anyway, I digress...I then baked a pound cake in a loaf pan, then used a plastic cup to cut out the trash can shapes. They are also fondant, as are the lids and painted with luster dust. I liked the idea of edible trash cans, so I had to add some tasty trash. The crumpled up paper, banana peel, apple core...all the trash is also fondant, then painted with vodka and food coloring. (And that's the only reason I had the vodka out. Really.) The dirt is oreo crumbs, the pink "Boom" and other shapes are fondant, on wire (which is the only non-edible item on the cake.) And at one point, there was a mouse scavenging through the garbage. But my son ate him.

As for time, I'm not not really sure how long this took. I have three children who "helped". So, it probably took about three times as long as it would have. As it was, it took the better part of a day, with many, many, many, many, many interuptions, to finish. It was so much fun to make, though, and I really don't want to eat it. My kids have been asking, so it won't be long. I'm just going to make someone else cut it. "

First threadcakes entry. Since I love raccoons, I had to do this one. I want this shirt.


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