Monday, July 27, 2009

Threadcakes entry

"If only I'd worn shoes and a shirt, I'd be dining at the Quadrilateral Parallelogram Bar and Grill. Pity...I hear they make a mean margarita.

Get it? Huh, huh??'s the thinker? And he's thinking outside the quadrilateral parallelogram? Get it? Huh, huh? "I like to think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram." See?

What do you mean it's not that funny? It's hilarious.

This is my second entry and will be my last. I've grown too intimidated by the amazing entries that have been submitted so far and I hereby surrender my fondant. But in my last entry, I had a spelling error, so obviously, I had to make another cake so I could regain my dignity.

This one was a ton of fun to make. Once again, I had three small people "helping" and all flaws will be blamed on them. Working over the course of several days, I started with a vanilla cake, cut it in three equal parts and filled and iced it with vanilla buttercream, then stacked them to make the restaurant. The masonry work is done is fondant, as is the thinker, who I'm sad to say is not as svelte and sleek as Rodin's. Mine is a bit more...shall we say...robust? More like a sumo thinker, perhaps? All the other little details, signs, flowers, etc. are also made out of fondant. The leaves on the trees are royal icing. (And that small interlude with the royal icing may lead to a life long love affair.) Hmmm...what else? Not much. I think that about covers it.

However, once it was finished it was quite obvious that my proportions were a bit off. Even if the sumo thinker had been wearing appropriate attire, he still wouldn't have fit through the front door. Perhaps there is a back entrance?

Perhaps that's what he's pondering..."

That was one of my threadcakes entries. I know that I don't have a chance in hecksville of winning. Have you seen some of those entries?? Oh. My. God. Enough to give me a severe inferiority complex. But I entered anyway, figuring a little practice wouldn't kill me. And it didn't. And I had fun in the process. I'm anxious to see who wins this contest. Amazing, amazing cakes!

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