Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camo Cake

This was actually done for a bridal shower! Not a very "girly girl", apparently. :) The theme was camoflage. I tinted the fondant then broke little pieces off of each color and pressed the pieces together in a random pattern, then rolled them all out together with the fondant roller. It worked rather well, I thought. I liked the end result and it was very simple.

The "trees" are plastic and the fondant ducks were a last minute add-on. I think the ribbon would have looked better if it had been brown or green, but when I was picking it out, I didn't have the exact color to match so I went safe and got the ivory. It works, I guess, but I think it would have been better if it matched.


Michelle said...

Love it! What an interesting bridal shower choice! lol

Seriously, I can't stand it anymore. I'm making a cake today! I have some fondant but I am terrible with it! I can't ever get it to lay flat without tearing.

Mandy said...

Love this cake...what a great idea!