Monday, September 21, 2009

Cheesecake saga

Oh, how glad I am that this weekend is over. 12 cheesecakes, which actually ended up being 14 cheesecakes because two of them pretty. Then there were the two sculpted bithday cakes. I had some really late nights and I only pulled out a few handfuls of hair. ( But well away from the cakes...) And I didn't even cry. For too long.

Do you want to hear about it? About the 3 trips to the grocery store, because I ran out of graham crackers and then because I froze the cream cheese? Apparently, the stuff doesn't freeze well. (Note: When the package says "for best quality do not freeze" BELIEVE IT! ) Then I needed more butter? How about when I was getting low on sour cream and was not about to make my husband run to the store again for more, so I had to find another recipe? Or when my first cheese cake sank in the middle and cracked? Or when the fourth one wouldn't come off the pan and ended up a giant pile of slop? (tasty slop, mind you, but slop nonetheless.) nervous breakdown later:

Thankfully, the bride was very, very pleased.

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The Waylaid Wordsmith said...

Yay! I'm glad it all worked out, nervous breakdown aside. ;)

It looks lovely (not to mention delicious). The crazy weekend is over, take a breather!