Saturday, September 24, 2011

To the Rescue!

Cake for my husband's retirement  from the fire department.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Season's Greetings!

Using the remaining fondant from the Iron Man cake...

Little Monkey Baby Shower

Baby shower cake for my brother, his fiance and baby Parker! 

I...AM....(Sort of)...IRON MAN!

Iron Man cake for one of Nick's friends. Obviously, an Iron Man fan.

Argh! Matey! (OK...not very orginal....)

My son's 7th birthday cake. He wanted a pirate/T-rex cake, but I managed  to talk him into the pirate.

The railings are molding chocolate, and everything else is marshmallow fondant. The sails are singed brown  paper bags. And what pirate ship would be complete without a parrot?

The Great Leaning Tower of Cake

What I thought was originally a good idea...a cupcake, sitting on top of the cake itself, candle and all. Except I didn't take in account how heavy the frosting on the cupcake would be...

For future reference: Not a good idea. The client insisted that no one noticed. She's a liar, but I love her anyway.

Flower Power!

A 30th Birthday cake made for a connoisseur of a particular herb ( purely medicinal purposes only)...This man also goes by the name of "Flower Power Maurer".

(There were no herbs harmed in the making of this cake.)

Another Lady Bug cake

Lady bug cake for a first birthday.